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“War Horse”

War Horse” is about the struggle between the masculine and the feminine energy” When these energies are equally powerful, but out of balance, we become blocked.

For me, the masculine energy which thrives on laser focus, stability, protection, and dominance tends to interrupt when the feminine energy is screaming, – “It’s time to destroy what doesn’t serve you and make room to create.”

Letting go of what doesn’t serve us to make room for new experiences and knowing when it’s time for battle and when it’s time to make peace with ourselves, is exactly what I have worked through while painting “War Horse”.

With the completion of this piece, I have a better understanding of the internal conflict between these two energies, and how important it is to let go of thoughts and patterns that no longer serve us.

Thanks to “Great Things LLC” for not only making this awesome video, but to Josh Meeder for adding a more expressive way of sharing “War Horse”.

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