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“Love of Architecture”


My Inspiration for Going into Real Estate

My great love and curiosity for architecture began when I was a child. I loved to take night walks after my parents went to bed.

I was always in awe as the warm lights illuminated the many unique intricacies of each house I would pass. There was a sense of nostalgia….as if I had been there before in a past life.

Today that nostalgia is even stronger as I experience the beauty of the tree lined streets, the welcoming porticos, eye catching transom windows, antique stained glass, second floor balcony gardens, and of course the blossoming of the dogwood trees.  Merging all that character together…. and a street runs through it.

But not just any street, a street graced with the most expressive and perfectly positioned sycamore trees that not only breathes life but offers shelter from the sun’s rays. Just imagine; these 200-year-old trees were here long before the homes were.

I often reflect on these feelings and memories when I am working with my buyer clients. My love of architecture played a significant role in my choice to pursue Real Estate!

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