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Life Occasions

Your Life Transformed into Art

Sharing and Holding Your Special Memories

Art Transforms A Room,
It Creates Your Vibe.

“You live on in the hearts and minds of the loving family you left behind.” 

Commemorative Art

Sometimes one of the most helpful ways of managing grief is to celebrate the life that was lost.

Custom Paintings

Painted images on glass express a level of depth and radiance, as well as delivering a spirited presentation that cannot be achieved by painting on canvas.

01 Inspiration

Inspiration happens when you realize you have so many treasured moments lost in the “cloud”. These images and magical moments also exist in your memories and are ‘floating somewhere in your files”.

Together we will manifest your vision and get those important moments out of the clouds and on to your walls.

02 Consultation

Upon our first conversation we will find out what special moment or moments have been speaking to you and determine the size of the prints we will need, and if there are any complimentary moments you would like as a part of this piece or pieces.

We will then discuss the room you would like this gem to be displayed in, the size, and the color, and go from there.

03 Choose A Size And Frame

Finding the right door or window is a critical part the process, the size and the ultimate location need to be considered.

They may need a little love, and a lot of elbow grease, but the task is worth the originality and the beauty they lend to your rare moments in time.

04 Enjoy

Every day you see this piece reminding you of how you felt, what you saw and who you were with when you snapped that photo hanging on your wall will most certainly take you back to that feeling.

Instead of rummaging through the cloud to find that picture in time that touched your soul, you now have it forever preserved in beautiful vintage framework.

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